Engineering / Construction Design (SID)

Shanghai Light Industry Engineering Design & Research Institute (SID) was formed in 1964. As a municipal establishment specialized in engineering design for the light industry, SID was dedicated to the domestic growth of light industry by providing numerous industrial engineering and construction design for local manufacturers, especially those in food & beverage, tobacco, brewery, cold-chain logistics and auto parts industries.

SID was reformed to a shareholding company in 2002, and acquired by WGPM in 2003.

SID’s scope of service includes

light industry engineering design
construction design
building decoration design
project contracting
construction supervision
pressure vessel design

In the last 5 decades, SID has completed a total number of 6,000+ construction engineering design projects, 1,600+industry engineering design projects, 40+ project contracting cases and 100+ construction supervision cases.

Other than the structural engineer professionals, which is commonly seen in the peer design firms, SID also has process engineers and power specialists on board so that we are able to support customers in other challenging areas, such as process optimization, pipeline design…etc.

Last but not the least, SID also supports universities with internship programs. We take it as our commitment to the society, and in the meantime, SID, as a potential employer, is well positioned ourselves among those future designers and engineers.